Monday, January 9, 2012

Both Working From Home: A Pro or a Con?

Today it’s a Con. (Before I go any further, if you are reading this and you are my mom Joan, or Eric’s mom Joanne, I advise that you skip this post***). I walked downstairs to Eric’s workshop to let the dog out. And all I could smell was gas! I paniced and Eric casually said “Oh, I was cleaning out a container that had gas in it.” WHAT *#$ ?!?!? Was my response. You see, our utility sink is located next to the furnace which runs off city gas! And this furnace is in the middle of his workshop where he, oh, lets say, runs machinery that could potentially create a spark! Or is surrounded by the piles of sawdust on the floor that could spontaneously combust into flames! Hello? I shook my head as I was going up the stairs and calmly asked him “Please don’t blow up the house - I have tv shows to watch!”

***J & J: No frantic phone calls please. I warned you not to read further!

**The Texaco Sign is a reproduction and can be purchased online at the History Channel Shop.

*For many of my email subscribers: Monday’s email/post about Jack White on American Pickers did not include the video. At the end of the email, it said to "hit play on the video below" and it was an ad - no video! If your browser or email service does not allow videos to be sent, you can simply click on the title and it will bring you to the blog where you can see any future videos I post.

+++Special Note: Eric wanted me to point out to everyone that the container did not have gas in it. I did write 'had' gas in it. He was scrubbing the container to get the residue and/or smell out of the container. We all know that pouring gas down a drain is a No-No and Eric would never do that. To our friends in Maine, thanks for pointing that out :)


  1. It's been four days now and the house hasn't blown up yet. Are you over it now?

  2. Oh gosh... do not add JINX to this house!